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We demonstrate direct fabrication of homogeneous microfluidic channels embedded in fused silica by femtosecond laser direct writing, followed by wet chemical etching and glass drawing. In addition, the glass drawing process significantly reduces the inner surface roughness of the fabricated channels, and centimeter-level microfluidic channels with an aspect(More)
We describe the fabrication of a Mach-Zehnder optical modulator in LiNbO(3) by femtosecond laser micromachining, which is composed of optical waveguides inscripted by a femtosecond laser and embedded microelectrodes subsequently fabricated using femtosecond laser ablation and selective electroless plating. A half-wave voltage close to 19 V is achieved at a(More)
Laser based lightning control holds a promising way to solve the problem of the long standing disaster of lightning strikes. But it is a challenging project due to insufficient understanding of the interaction between laser plasma channel and high voltage electric filed. In this work, a direct observation of laser guided corona discharge is reported. Laser(More)
We report selective metallization on surfaces of insulators (glass slides and lithium niobate crystal) based on femtosecond laser modification combined with electroless plating. The process is mainly composed of four steps: (1) formation of silver nitrate thin films on the surfaces of glass or crystal substrates; (2) generation of silver particles in the(More)
Using 1 kHz, 9 mJ femtosecond laser pulses, we demonstrate laser-filamentation-induced spectacular snow formation in a cloud chamber. An intense updraft of warm moist air is generated owing to the continuous heating by the high-repetition filamentation. As it encounters the cold air above, water condensation and large-sized particles spread unevenly across(More)
We describe the fabrication of microfluidic channel structures on the surface of a borosilicate glass slide by femtosecond laser direct writing for optical waveguide application. Liquid with a variable refractive index is fed into the microchannel, serving as the core of the waveguide. We demonstrate that either a multimode or a single-mode waveguide can be(More)
We numerically simulated the air-flow motion in a diffusion cloud chamber induced by femtosecond laser filaments for different chopping rates. A two dimensional model was employed, where the laser filaments were treated as a heat flux source. The simulated patterns of flow fields and maximum velocity of updraft compare well with the experimental results for(More)
We examined environmental and anthropogenic factors drive range loss in large mammals, using presence data of Amur tigers opportunistically collected between 2000 and 2012, and anthropogenic and environmental variables to model the distribution of the Amur tiger in northeastern China. Our results suggested that population distribution models of different(More)
Microstructures with the total length of hundreds of mu m were induced by fixing the focal point of the femtosecond laser at a certain depth in the bulk of SrTiO(3) crystal. By different combination of the focusing conditions with the laser parameters, different morphologies have been observed, such as void array, necklace-shaped structures, continuous/(More)
Fluorescence spectra of Nd:YVO(4) under excitation of a continuous wave (CW) diode laser and a femtosecond laser at 800nm were investigated. It was found that Nd:YVO(4) shows different upconversion and downconversion luminescencent behaviors when excited by the diode laser and the femtosecond laser. The dependence of the upconversion luminescence intensity(More)