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Storyline detection from news articles aims at summarizing events described under a certain news topic and revealing how those events evolve over time. It is a difficult task because it requires first the detection of events from news articles published in different time periods and then the construction of storylines by linking events into coherent news(More)
Formal method is a good way to enhance the reliability and to verify the system properties of the embedded system. This paper presents a formal transformation approach from MARTE model to Object-Z model in the MDA framework, and defines the transformation rules of structure and behaviour semantic on the basis of the meta-model. Though the approach, we can(More)
ShanDong Heze International Peony Fair is an important to local development, But peony florescence hardly meets the date of the Fair. How to accurately predict the peony florescence is very urgent. Based on the analysis of the relationship between the peony florescence and the temperature. A prediction model for peony florescence built on the air(More)
To deal with the problems of probability theory, we adopt the ideas of generalized correlativity introduced by He huacan. According to the rules of universal logic, we propose a new method to construct probabilistic logic by zero-order N/T-norms complete clusters. We mainly discuss how to construct probabilistic logic in universal logic frame, and try to(More)
"The economic statistics that the government issues every week should come with a warning sticker: User beware. In the midst of the greatest information explosion in history, the government is pumping out a stream of statistics that are nothing but myths and misinformation." Michael J. Mandel, "The Real Truth about the Economy: Are Government Statistics so(More)
Microbial exopolysaccharides (EPSs) have been commercially used for decades owing to their distinct rheological properties. New EPSs with special traits are being explored continuously. The strain Paenibacillus edaphicus NUST16 was isolated in this study. NUST16 produces 12.5g/L EPS after 72h cultivation in shaker flask. Moreover, the purified EPS, POS16,(More)
Salecan, a linear extracellular polysaccharide consisting of β-1,3-D-glucan, has potential applications in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. The objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of salecan on soil microbial communities in a vegetable patch. Compositional shifts in the genetic structure of indigenous soil bacterial and(More)
Heze International Peony Fair develops the local economy, But subject to weather conditions, predicting peony florescence hardly meets the actual date. In order to accurate predicting, multiple linear regression analysis and multiple nonlinear regression analysis have been mentioned. The relationship of the factors which impact the peony florescence such as(More)