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Arabidopsis COP1 is a constitutive repressor of photomorphogenesis that interacts with photomorphogenesis-promoting factors such as HY5 to promote their proteasome-mediated degradation. SPA1 is a repressor of phytochrome A-mediated responses to far-red light. Here we report that COP1 acts as part of a large protein complex and interacts with SPA1 in a(More)
Arabidopsis thaliana seedlings undergo photomorphogenesis in the light and etiolation in the dark. Long Hypocotyl in Far-Red 1 (HFR1), a basic helix-loop-helix transcription factor, is required for both phytochrome A-mediated far-red and cryptochrome 1-mediated blue light signaling. Here, we report that HFR1 is a short-lived protein in darkness and is(More)
Plants use light to optimize growth and development. The photoreceptor phytochrome A (phyA) mediates various far-red light-induced responses. We show that Arabidopsis FHY3 and FAR1, which encode two proteins related to Mutator-like transposases, act together to modulate phyA signaling by directly activating the transcription of FHY1 and FHL, whose products(More)
The circadian clock controls many metabolic, developmental and physiological processes in a time-of-day-specific manner in both plants and animals. The photoreceptors involved in the perception of light and entrainment of the circadian clock have been well characterized in plants. However, how light signals are transduced from the photoreceptors to the(More)
Strigolactones (SLs), a newly discovered class of carotenoid-derived phytohormones, are essential for developmental processes that shape plant architecture and interactions with parasitic weeds and symbiotic arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi. Despite the rapid progress in elucidating the SL biosynthetic pathway, the perception and signalling mechanisms of SL(More)
—Peer-to-peer file sharing systems, most notably Bit-Torrent (BT), have achieved tremendous success among Internet users. Recent studies suggest that long-term relationships among BT peers could be explored for peer cooperation, so as to achieve better sharing efficiency. However, whether such long-term relationships exist remain unknown. From an 80-day(More)
Rice stripe virus (RSV) causes one of the most serious viral diseases of rice (Oryza sativa L.), but the molecular basis of RSV resistance has remained elusive. Here we show that the resistant allele of rice STV11 (STV11-R) encodes a sulfotransferase (OsSOT1) catalysing the conversion of salicylic acid (SA) into sulphonated SA (SSA), whereas the gene(More)
Cloud computing has gained popularity in recent times. As a cloud must provide services to many users at the same time and different users have different QoS requirements, the scheduling strategy should be developed for multiple workflows with different QoS requirements. In this paper, we introduce a Multiple QoS Constrained Scheduling Strategy of(More)
We evaluated the long-term outcome of epilepsy surgery in drug-resistant epilepsy patients, and investigated preoperative factors associated with postoperative long-term surgical outcome. We performed a retrospective study of 379 patients who received epilepsy surgeries from 2000 to 2010. Patients had completed a minimum of 2-year and up to 12-year(More)
— In the past few years, there have been tremendous interest in the peer-to-peer(P2P) content delivery. Although this communication paradigm does not need a dedicated server infrastructure , it dramatically increases the traffic over inter-ISP links. In particular, the most popular P2P application, BitTorrent(BT) generates a huge amount of traffic on the(More)