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Compared with traditional teaching, case study method of teaching is an interactive learning approach, which changes the role of students from passive participants to active learners. Modern education has been expedited by digital tools, such as Web-based learning environment. How to align the advantage of network environment with the case study teaching(More)
In todaypsilas dynamic business environment, the competition pattern is essentially the competition of one supply chain with another rather than single enterprise. Thus, collaborations in enterprises emerge as the times require. Along with the benefits brought by these kinds of collaborations, the risks arising in the cooperation process produce extra costs(More)
The key to elevate the cluster innovation ability and technical level is to expedite the creation of technical synergy. In this research, a synergy process model of cluster innovation is structured based on the synergetic analysis on the innovation process from the perspective of individual enterprise, affiliated enterprise chain to industrial clusters. The(More)
In order to meet the requirements of modern society, students in business related specialties need to possess practical ability, decision-making ability and the tools of mastering knowledge. Experimental teaching, as a kind of teaching reform that adapts the need of the society, starts to be used widely in business colleges. However, there are some problems(More)
The innovation process of industrial clusters interacts with knowledge flows, which complicate the cluster innovation system. This paper discusses the basic process of synergy innovation of industrial clusters, investigates the synergy relationship based on knowledge investment, the contact of knowledge spillovers due to the geographical benefit and the(More)
As an innovative learning method, web-based learning has gain increasingly attention by both of the instructors and the students. However, the assessment system involved in web-based learning is still far from perfect. According to the principles of university web-based learning, which focus on the learning process, diversification of evaluation methods and(More)
China's entrance into WTO is a new departure in China's opening to the outside world. With the implementing of " Going-global " strategy, cross-border M&A of Chinese enterprises has become an inevitable trend. This paper uses systems thinking and system archetype theory to identify some typical problems in the process of Chinese enterprises' cross-border(More)
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