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  • Peng Wu, Mingxiao Wang, +4 authors Ruimin Gu
  • 2013
Chloride channels in the basolateral membrane play a key role in Cl absorption in the thick ascending limb (TAL). The patch-clamp experiments were performed to test whether angiotensin II (AngII) increases Cl absorption in the TAL by stimulating the basolateral 10-pS Cl channels. AngII (1-100 nmol/L) stimulated the 10-pS Cl channel in the TAL, an effect(More)
The paper proposes a detection algorithm for the frequency hopping signals in intricate electromagnetic environment using time-frequency analysis. To overcome the difficulty brought by the unsteady distribution and energy fading, an adaptive time-frequency local threshold is applied to preprocess the spectrogram; And by the methods such as spectrogram(More)
We used the patch-clamp technique to study the effect of changing the external Ca2+ on the basolateral 50-pS K channel in the thick ascending limb (TAL) of rat kidney. Increasing the external Ca2+ concentration from 1 mM to 2 or 3 mM inhibited the basolateral 50-pS K channels while decreasing external Ca2+ to 10 μM increased the 50-pS K channel activity.(More)
The paper proposed a new algorithm to estimate source number based on cyclic spectrum and curve clustering. The cyclic amplitude spectrum expressions of common digital communication signals are analyzed. And the vanishing characteristics of the interference in the estimation of cyclic correlation using finite observations are derived. Then the estimation(More)
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