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RB-RBAC (Rule-Based RBAC) provides the mechanism to dynamically assign users to roles based on a finite set of authorization rules defined by the enterprise's security policy. The RB-RBAC family introduces negative authorization, represented by negative roles, which may bring conflict, and conflict detection and resolution become an import work in RB-RBAC(More)
Public-key infrastructures (PKIs) are essential for providing electronic payment security services such as authentication and privacy in open networks like Internet. The purpose of this paper is to propose a description logic-based approach to modeling and reasoning about PKI trust domain. In the formalism, concept model is used to formalize PKI entities(More)
Ontologies undergo changes for reasons such as changes in knowledge , meeting varying application requirements. Thus, for different versions of a considered ontology, it is important to clarify the difference between them. The difference above refers to the logical difference, not syntactic one. Examples of the logical difference include the difference in(More)
Papaya is an important fruit crop cultivated in tropical and subtropical regions. Papaya little leaf (PLL) disease was observed in China. The phytoplasma 16S rRNA gene was detected from symptomatic papaya trees via PCR using phytoplasma universal primers P1/P7 followed by R16F2n/R16R2. No amplification products were obtained from templates of asymptomatic(More)