Haixing Chen

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The properties of wavelength-division multiplexed (WDM) narrowband filters used in tilted collimated light are described. The wavelength shift for s polarization in a low-index-spacer filter is larger than that for p polarization when the filter is tilted, but it is smaller in a high-index-spacer filter. Therefore the passbands of the tilted filter can be(More)
Electromagnetically induced transparency is observed in a mismatched-wavelength cascade system with a room-temperature rubidium vapor cell. A cw probe laser beam monitors the 5S(1/2) ? 5P(3/2) transition while another cw laser couples the 5P(3/2) state to a higher excited state. The ratio of the observed Rabi frequencies for coupling to the 5P(3/2) ?(More)
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