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—Several attacks on DNS inject forged DNS replies without suppressing the legitimate replies. Current implementations of DNS resolvers are vulnerable to accepting the injected replies if the attacker's reply arrives before the legitimate one. In the case of regular DNS, this behavior allows an attacker to corrupt a victim's interpretation of a name; for(More)
Capability leak is a vulnerability in Android applications, which violates the enforcement of permission model and threatens the secure usage of Android phone users. Malicious applications can launch permission escalation attacks with this vulnerability. In this paper, we propose a dynamic Intent fuzzing mechanism to uncover vulnerable applications in both(More)
We studied a new type of fraudulent activities, usage fraud, on Android platform in this paper. Different from previous fraud on mobile platforms targeting advertisers or mobile users, usage fraud was invented to boost usage statistics on third-party analytics platforms like Google Analytics to cheat investors. To understand the business model and(More)
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