Haixiang Wang

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In this paper, we investigate the benefits of applying a form of network coding known as random linear coding (RLC) to unicast applications in disruption-tolerant networks (DTNs). Under RLC, nodes store and forward random linear combinations of packets as they encounter each other. For the case of a single group of packets originating from the same source(More)
—In this paper, we investigate the problem of determining the routing that minimizes the maximum/average delivery time or the maximum/average delivery delay for a set of packets in a deterministic Delay Tolerant Network, i.e. in a network for which all the nodes' transmission opportunities are known in advance. While the general problem with multiple(More)
The Chui-Lian multiwavelet family of approximation order three is extended to serve as a basis for an orthogonal discrete multiwavelet transform on the interval. This requires, in addition to the original symmetric and antisymmetric pairs of scaling functions and wavelets, four new functions of each type at each edge of the interval, i.e., one more than(More)
We proposes an mammogram enhancement technique using interpolating distributed approximating functional (DAF) wavelets, visual group normalization (VGN), softer logic masking (SLM) filtering, and nonlinear sharpening enhancement (ESE) techniques. These are formulated to normalize the wavelet coefficients, remove perceptual redundancy and obtain optimal(More)
The skyline query processing problem has been well studied for many years. The literature on skyline algorithms so far mainly considers static query points on static attributes. With the popular usage of mobile devices along with the increasing number of mobile applications and users, continuous skyline query processing on both static and dynamic attributes(More)
Skyline queries are usually associated with user preferences which are dependent on his/her current contexts. For most contexts are from sensing devices, uncertainty is along with the contexts. In this paper, asymptotic-efficient skyline query processing algorithms over uncertain contexts are proposed. First possible world semantics model is utilized to(More)