Haixia Wan

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Let U(n, k) be the set of non-bipartite unicyclic graphs with n vertices and k pendant vertices, where n ≥ 4. In this paper, the unique graph with the minimal least eigenvalue of the signless Laplacian among all graphs in U(n, k) is determined. Furthermore, it is proved that the minimal least eigenvalue of the signless Laplacian is an increasing function in(More)
A gradual restriction in lineage potential of multipotent stem/progenitor cells is a hallmark of adult hematopoiesis, but the underlying molecular events governing these processes remain incompletely understood. Here, we identified robust expression of the leukemia-associated transcription factor hepatic leukemia factor (Hlf) in normal multipotent(More)
In this paper, combining the upper and lower solution method with perturbation theory, we study the asymptotic behavior of entire large solutions to Eq. ∆pu = b(x) f (u), u(x) > 0, x ∈ R, where b ∈ Cα loc(R N) (α ∈ (0, 1)) is positive in RN (N ≥ 3), f ∈ C1[0, ∞) is positive on (0, ∞) which satisfies a generalized Keller– Osserman condition and is rapidly(More)
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