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We identify and fill some gaps with regard to consistency (the extent to which false positives are produced) for public-key encryption with keyword search (PEKS). We define computational and statistical relaxations of the existing notion of perfect consistency, show that the scheme of [7] is computationally consistent, and provide a new scheme that is(More)
Recently, a first step toward establishing foundations for group signatures was taken [5], with a treatment of the case where the group is static. However the bulk of existing practical schemes and applications are for dynamic groups, and these involve important new elements and security issues. This paper treats this case, providing foundations for dynamic(More)
Two years of continuous recordings of ambient seismic noise observed at 354 stations in South China from 2009 to 2010 are used to estimate Rayleigh wave group and phase velocity maps from 6 to 40 s period. These results are merged with Rayleigh wave phase velocity maps from 25 to 70 s period derived from earthquakes in the same time frame. Eikonal(More)
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