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The development of techniques for the genetic manipulation of poultry has lagged behind the technology available in mammalian systems, although several different approaches are being taken to overcome the problems associated with the manipulation of avian embryos. Several methods being developed for generating transgenic chickens are giving promising(More)
With current increasing demands for outpatient medical services, healthcare providers have had to analyze methods for providing safety and quality care services under constrained resources. A long waiting-time has a severe impact not only on the patients' satisfaction but also on the physical conditions of the patients, who receive invasive treatment in(More)
The uncertain demand of expiration-dated item often leads to scrap losses or opportunity losses, which result in resource wasting and the degradation of customer satisfaction. In this paper, a well known exponential smoothing method was modified to forecast the hourly demand of rice balls, by utilizing the concept of the newsvendor problem, and a simulation(More)
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