Haixia Pan

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Lysinibacillus sp. ZYM-1, a Gram-positive strain isolated from marine sediments, reduces selenite and tellurite efficiently. Meanwhile, it also exhibits high resistance to Zn2+ and Mn2+. Here, we report the draft genome sequence of strain ZYM-1, which contains genes related to selenite and tellurite reduction and also metal resistance.
Sediment contamination with metals is a widespread concern in the marine environment. Manganese oxidizing bacteria (MOB) are extensively distributed in various environments, but a marine microbial community containing MOB is rarely reported. In this study, a consortium of marine metal-contaminated sediments was acclimated using Mn(II). The shift in(More)
To build an industrial content-based image retrieval system (CBIRs), it is highly recommended that feature extraction, feature processing and feature indexing need to be fully considered. Although research that bloomed in the past years suggest that the convolutional neural network (CNN) be in a leading position on feature extraction & representation(More)
Computed tomographic colonography (CTC) has been developed for screening of colon cancer. Flattening the three-dimensional (3D) colon wall into two-dimensional (2D) image is believed to (1) provide supplementary information to the endoscopic views and further (2) facilitate colon registration, taniae coli (TC) detection, and haustral fold segmentation.(More)
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