Haixia Mao

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BACKGROUND We aimed to compare the morphological features of pure ground-glass nodules (GGNs; diameter, ≤10 mm) on thin-section computed tomography (TSCT) with their histopathological results in order to identify TSCT features differentiating between atypical adenomatous hyperplasia (AAH), adenocarcinoma in situ (AIS) and minimally invasive adenocarcinoma(More)
BACKGROUND To explore the diagnostic method in assessing the malignancy of pulmonary adenocarcinoma characterized by ground glass opacities (GGO) on computed tomography (CT). METHODS Preoperative CT data for preinvasive and invasive lung adenocarcinomas were analyzed retrospectively. GGO lesions that were detected on lung windows but absent using the(More)
Remote sensing technologies are one of the major research topics in fusing multisource data and generating high-quality satellite images. In this paper, a new two-dimensional empirical mode decomposition (EMD) method is presented and used to fuse high-resolution panchromatic and multispectral images. First, the new two-dimensional EMD technique, which(More)
Cooperative caching is an efficient way to improve the performance of data access in mobile wireless networks, by cache nodes selecting different data items in their limited storage in order to reduce total access delay. With more demands on sharing a video or other data, especially for mobile applications in an Internet-based Mobile Ad Hoc Network,(More)
On-bus WiFi emerges as a promising market in recent years. It is an interesting problem to investigate the characteristics of bus passengers by the spatial-temporal data collected by smart WiFi devices. In this paper, we analyze passenger behavior logs, including WiFi connection, WiFi disconnection, web authorization, data traffic, etc. We aggregate these(More)
The interoperation of spatial information is an effective way for sharing spatial information, in order to complete any exchanges and integrations of spatial information within and between application systems and organizations. This paper is to apply the metadata interoperability-related research outputs, namely Open Archives Initiative Protocol for(More)
The aim of this study was to assess whether CT imaging using an ultra-high-resolution CT (UHRCT) scan with a small scan field of view (FOV) provides higher image quality and helps to reduce the follow-up period compared with a conventional high-resolution CT (CHRCT) scan. We identified patients with at least one pulmonary nodule at our hospital from July(More)
In an IMANET, mobile users access both text and media web contents on the Internet through gateway nodes, with web access patterns, i.e., the Zipf-like distribution or the Stretched Exponential distribution. To reduce data access delay from the Internet, we consider the cache placement problem in cooperative caching, which is that each mobile node selects a(More)