Haixia Long

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Nowadays with the readily accessibility of online social networks (OSNs), people are facilitated to share interesting information with friends through OSNs. Undoubtedly these sharing activities make our life more fantastic. However, meanwhile one challenge we have to face is information overload that we do not have enough time to review all of the content(More)
In this paper, firstly, an adaptive Dense-SIFT feature extraction method is proposed, which can adaptively adjust the size of local window using the edge information of image. Next, a large scale image retrieval method is proposed. The adaptive Dense-SIFT features are extracted from the database images. Bag of Word (BoW) model is then adopted to create the(More)
BACKGROUND Multiple sequence alignment (MSA) is one of the most important research contents in bioinformatics. A number of MSA programs have emerged. The accuracy of MSA programs highly depends on the parameters setting, mainly including gap open penalties (GOP), gap extension penalties (GEP) and substitution matrix (SM). This research tries to obtain the(More)
Metabolic flux estimation through 13C trace experiment is crucial for metabolic system to quantify the intracellular metabolic fluxes. In essence, it corresponds to a constrained optimization problem, objective function of which is non-linear and non-differentiable and exist multiple local minima making this problem a special difficulty. In this paper, we(More)
In this paper, we propose an improved median filtering algorithm by adding filtration function before replacing the value of the median position with the median and doing multiple processing of median filtering to overcome the shortcoming of the traditional Median Filtering Algorithm. Experimental results are shown that an image after processed by the(More)