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CTSD (Cathepsin D) is a key enzyme in yolk formation, and it primarily affects egg yolk weight and egg weight. However, recent research has mostly focused on the genomic structure of the CTSD gene and the enzyme's role in pathology, and less is known about the enzyme's functions in chickens. In this paper, the correlations between CTSD polymorphisms and egg(More)
BMP15 (Bone morphogenetic protein 15) is an oocyte-secreted growth factor required for ovarian follicle development and ovulation in mammals, but its effects on reproduction in chickens are unclear. In this study, the association between BMP15 polymorphisms and reproduction traits were analyzed, and its expression characteristics in different tissues were(More)
OBJECTIVE To observe the change of auditory brainstem response (ABR) in hearing deprivation rat model induced by bilateral cochlears ablation at different time points. METHOD Forty SD rats were randomly divided into four experiment groups including 2-week group, 4-week group, 6-week group, 8-week group and four control groups with 5 rats (n = 10) in each(More)
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