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In the process of super-resolution image reconstruction, corner detection and interpolation are two key technologies. In this paper, we proposed two improved methods for them. Firstly we propose a variable threshold for the allowed variation in brightness within the USAN area. The approach makes corner well-distributed and can reduce lost and false corners(More)
The capability of enterprises sustainable development is the necessary elements for enterprises to achieve sustainable development. It's key to ascertain the elements and their relationship of the capability of sustainable development for enterprises. This paper analyzed the features of sustainable development enterprises, attributed the capability of(More)
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Let AS (2v, Fq) be a 2-dimensional affine symplectic space over finite fields Fq. In this paper, we construct a family of error-tolerant pooling designs with the incidence matrix of two types of flats (i.e., (m, s)-flats and (r, 0)-flats) over affine symplectic space AS (2v, Fq). We also discuss the error-tolerant and error-correcting properties of our(More)