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The widespread adoption and sustained use of modern cookstoves has the potential to reduce harmful effects to climate, health, and the well-being of approximately one-third of the world’s population that currently rely on biomass fuel for cooking and heating. In an effort to understand and develop cleaner burning and more efficient cookstoves, 15 stove(More)
A novel continuous-time notch filter based on current steering technique was described in this paper. The second-order notch filter consisted of two integrators, one unity-gain inverter and two alpha blocks that were fully integrated onto a silicon chip. The circuit was implemented in SMIC mixed-signal 0.18 nm 1P6M process with the die area of 0.06 mm(2).(More)
An integrated pulse width modulation (PWM) step-down CMOS DC-DC converter with integrated power switches and a novel on-chip soft-start circuit is presented in this paper. This converter consists of internal ramp signal generator, comparator, error amplifier, PWM control scheme, and a soft-start scheme. The soft-start circuit can produce a slowly rising(More)
This paper describes a new method to implement ultra-low frequency analog filters for electrophysiological signal acquisitions. Unlike the traditional pseudo-resistor or trans conductor-capacitor architectures, the proposed continues time filters employed current steering integrators which help decrease the capacitor area and reducing the total harmonic(More)
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