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Noniridescent coloration by the spongy keratin in parrot feather barbs has fascinated scientists. Nonetheless, its ultimate origin remains as yet unanswered, and a quantitative structural and optical description is still lacking. Here we report on structural and optical characterizations and numerical simulations of the blue feather barbs of the scarlet(More)
In this study, the Yuying and Fendou forest farms of Tuqiang Forest Bureau in Daxing'an Mountains were chosen as test areas, and their vegetation type, altitude, slop, aspect, and settlement buffer were selected as the main forest fire factors. The circumstances of forest fire risk were quantified by the factor-weights union method with the support of GIS.(More)
Rapid urban population growth and the associated expansion of urban areas in China (as elsewhere) present significant environmental challenges, and threaten urban and regional ecological security. Modeling land use changes is one way to aid the management of cities. Using remote sensing and geographic information system (GIS) software Jinan third ring-road(More)
In the recent years, with the rapid development of the city construction, here is a problem that residents are dissatisfied with the accessibility of public services. It has imposed negative effects on the living standard of cities. This thesis chooses urban parks in Gulou District of Nanjing as the vector of the accessibility research. It tries to have a(More)
Digital urban management is a significant breakthrough in the application domain of digital city technique in China. The technique of digital urban management lays the foundation for highly efficient urban management, but realization of high efficiency depends on the establishment of urban management system that adapts to digital urban management. On the(More)
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