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In this paper, we formalize and prove the correctness of a concurrency control algorithm for accessing to temporal data model in real-time database. A checking mechanism is proposed based on the semantic information of transaction deferrable time comparing transaction deadline with data deadline. The concurrency control algorithm improves the performance of(More)
The content of data of medical images are quite rich and include a large amount of hidden knowledge and patterns which is difficult for users to discover. In order to solve this problem, this paper firstly clusters the region of interest (ROI) extracted from the medical images and marks these images using these clustered ROI. Then we present Diff_FP-growth(More)
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Image mining is a growing research focus and is more than just an extension of data mining to image domain but an interdisciplinary endeavor. Very few people have systematically investigated this field. Mining association rules in medical images is an important part in domain- specific application image mining because there are several technical aspects(More)