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Fresnel zone plates are used as pupil apertures to extend the depth of field of an incoherent imaging system. The defocused optical transfer function is evaluated approximately, and the results are confirmed by experiments and by subjective evaluations of the images of a test chart. With a pupil having four zones, for example, the resolution limit at four(More)
We report a close correlation between the dynamic behavior of serrated flow and the plasticity in metallic glasses (MGs) and show that the plastic deformation of ductile MGs can evolve into a self-organized critical state characterized by the power-law distribution of shear avalanches. A stick-slip model considering the interaction of multiple shear bands(More)
When a spatially uniform temperature change is imposed on a solid with more than one phase, or on a polycrystal of a single, non-cubic phase (showing anisotropic expansion-contraction), the resulting thermal strain is inhomogeneous (non-affine). Thermal cycling induces internal stresses, leading to structural and property changes that are usually(More)
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