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Oxygen and hydrogen isotopic compositions of meteoric water are known to correlate with surface air temperature, except in tropical areas. This relationship has been described using a number of terms corresponding to specific observations, such as latitude , altitude and seasonal effects. However, these temperature effects do not seem to apply to(More)
By introducing public key cryptography, a novel algorithm for watermarking relational databases is proposed. In this algorithm, asymmetric keys are used in insetting and detecting database watermark processes, and users canpsilat get anything of the private key copyright watermark information or destroy database watermark through public key. Watermark(More)
This paper studies a novel scheme of watermarking relational databases for copyright protection based genetic algorithms. In this algorithm, GA is used in watermark signal processes, and associated novel watermark insertion algorithm and detection algorithm are proposed. Thus, the watermark signal in this method is expected to be more meaningful and has(More)
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