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Extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) plays an important role in the formation of bioaggregates such as flocs, biofilm and granular sludge. However, the role of their specific components in sludge flocculation and granulation is still unclear. Three sludge samples including the flocs, aerobic and anaerobic granular sludge were investigated in this study(More)
The extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) are important macromolecular components in microbial aggregates. The three EPS extraction methods - ultrasound + cation exchange resins (CER) + sulfide, ultrasound + formamide + NaOH, and ultrasound + heat - were investigated in the study, and the component differences of extracted EPS from the loose flocs and(More)
The hydraulic shear acts as an important selection pressure in aerobic sludge granulation. The effects of the hydraulic shear rate and reactor configuration on structural characteristics of aerobic granule in view of the hydromechanics. The hydraulic shear analysis was proposed to overcome the limitation of using superficial gas velocity (SGV) to express(More)
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