Haitham S. Cruickshank

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| Satellite communications are characterized by long delays, packet losses, and sometimes intermittent connectivity and link disruptions. The TCP/IP stack is ineffective against these impairments and even dedicated solutions, such as performance enhancing proxies (PEPs), can hardly tackle the most challenging environments, and create compatibility issues(More)
A secure multicast communication is important for applications such as pay-per-view and secure videoconferencing. A key tree approach has been proposed by other authors to distribute the multicast group key in such a way that the rekeying cost scales with the logarithm of the group size for a join or depart request. The efficiency of this key tree approach(More)
Security is an important concern in today’s information age and particularly so in satellite systems, where eavesdropping can be easily performed. This paper addresses efficient key management for encrypted multicast traffic transmitted via satellite. We consider the topic of encrypting traffic in large multicast groups, where the group size and dynamics(More)
Mobile agent frameworks have attracted a lot of attention in recent years, seen as counterparts of static distributed object frameworks but allowing also for object or agent mobility. A lot of research is currently being carried out trying to assess their applicability to network management and control environments. In this paper, we present our experiences(More)
Transport layer performance in multi hop wireless networks has been greatly challenged by the intrinsic characteristics of these networks. In Particular, the nature of congestion, which is mainly due to medium contention in multi hop wireless networks, challenges the performance of traditional transport protocols in such networks. In this paper, we first(More)
The broadband satellite multimedia (BSM) architecture standardised by ETSI defines a satellite independent service access point (SI-SAP) interface layer that separates the satellite independent features of the upper layers from the satellite dependant features of the lower layers, and provides a mechanism to carry IP-based protocols over these satellite(More)
Mobile nodes communicate on error prone wireless channel in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks. It is very challenging to provide Quality of Service to data flows due to unpredictable topology and lack of centralized control. Admission Control is a crucial component of the system providing Quality of Service. It is the job of Admission Control to decide whether to(More)