Haitham S. Al-Sinani

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We propose a novel scheme to provide client-based interoperation between OAuth and an Information Card system such as CardSpace or Higgins. In this scheme, Information Card users are able to obtain a security token from an OAuth-enabled system, the contents of which can be processed by an Information Card-enabled relying party. The scheme, based on a(More)
In this paper we propose a novel scheme that allows Windows CardSpace to be used as a password manager, thereby improving the usability and security of password use as well as potentially encouraging CardSpace adoption. Usernames and passwords are stored in personal cards, and these cards can be used to sign on transparently to corresponding websites. The(More)
Whilst the growing number of identity management systems have the potential to reduce the threat of identity attacks, major deployment problems remain because of the lack of interoperability between such systems. In this paper we propose a novel scheme to provide interoperability between two of the most widely discussed identity management systems, namely(More)