Haitham Mahmoud

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Design optimization of a class of plane trusses called the N-shaped truss (NST) is addressed. The parametric model of NST presented is intended for real-world application, avoiding simplifications of the design details that compromise the applicability. The model, which includes 27 discrete variables concerning topology, configuration and sizing of the(More)
The problem of design targets reduction and balancing among subsystems is addressed. A new approach is proposed that aims at reducing the number of targets used to quantify the performance of an engineering system, consisting of several subsystems, using the properties of system norms. The proposed approach also provides a systematic means of balancing the(More)
The problem of setting, balancing, and determining priorities of design targets among the subsystems constituting an engineering system, i.e., managing the targets, is addressed. A new norm-based benchmarking approach is proposed to relate the system-level design objectives to subsystem design targets. The proposed approach provides a systematic means of(More)
The problem of designing complex systems, with performance specifications from multiple disciplines, consisting of several subsystems, and where the subsystems are designed in parallel is addressed. The subsystems interact in the sense that the performance of one subsystem is influenced by the design details of other subsystems. This introduces uncertainty(More)
The design of complex systems, consisting of several subsystems and with performance specifications from multiple disciplines, in parallel was addressed in a previous publication using a Robust Parallel Design (RPD) approach. In this paper, RPD is extended and a Probabilistic Robust Parallel Design (PRPD) approach is proposed to handle cases where the(More)
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