Haitham Habli

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Stream-based computing as embodied in stream-programming environments and streaming languages has attracted quite a lot of interest as a potential solution to programming many-cores. Modern embedded multimedia devices embody many characteristics of stream-based computing with the additional constraint on energy-consumption. In this paper we present a new(More)
Recent research has shown that in mobile devices, energy efficiency of the total system does not scale at the same pace with the energy efficiency of the silicon. The reason has been attributed to overheads in software, and in the context of multi-media codecs a new approach has been proposed. In this approach hardware accelerators are scheduled(More)
One of the main sources for energy consumption in modern video coding algorithms is caused by reading reference frames from main memory. Once a reference frame block is in the local memory, we need to predict in advance when the same reference frame block would be reread from the main memory. The prediction relies on the calculation of motion vectors(More)
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