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[1] The Princeton Ocean Model is used to study the circulation features in the Pearl River Estuary and their responses to tide, river discharge, wind, and heat flux in the winter dry and summer wet seasons. The model has an orthogonal curvilinear grid in the horizontal plane with variable spacing from 0.5 km in the estuary to 1 km on the shelf and 15 sigma(More)
[1] The Princeton Ocean Model is used to study the circulation in the Pear River Estuary (PRE) and the adjacent coastal waters in the winter and summer seasons.Wong et al. [2003] compares the simulation results with the in situ measurements collected during the Pearl River Estuary Pollution Project (PREPP). In this paper, sensitivity experiments are carried(More)
Prior studies show promising results of the gastric peroral endoscopic pyloromyotomy (G-POEM) procedure for treatment of refractory gastroparesis. One major technical challenge involved in this procedure is identifying the pyloric muscular ring (PMR). The aim of this study is to establish a reliable method for identification of the PMR during G-POEM.(More)
Using rare earth cations (such Ho3+, Tm3+, Er3+, and Yb3+) singly and doubly doped lead lanthanum-modified zirconate titanate ceramic gain media, excellent upconversion was observed and investigated. Intrinsic rich carrier traps and their contributions to optical energy storage and upconversion were investigated under different(More)
We report on the unique effects and benefits of autologous stem cell transplantation in childhood systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) and describe this procedure in two young girls with severe and refractory disease. The patients’ stem cells were mobilized with granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (G-CSF) and collected by CS-3000 Blood Cell Separator(More)
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