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A hybrid energy storage system (HESS) composed of a battery and super-capacitor (SC) can make full use of advantages in energy and power density, which can further improve the performance of hybrid electric vehicles (HEV). Most studies have been limited to configuration and control to reduce the burden and prolong the life cycle of the battery, seldom(More)
Range anxiety and battery cycle life are two major factors which restrict the development of electric vehicles. Battery degradation can be reduced by adding supercapacitors to create a Hybrid Energy Storage System. This paper proposes a systematic approach to configure the hybrid energy storage system and quantifies the battery degradation for electric(More)
This paper presents an optimized energy management strategy for Li-ion power batteries used on electric vehicles (EVs) at low temperatures. Under low-temperature environments, EVs suffer a sharp driving range loss resulted from the energy and power capability reduction of the battery. Simultaneously, because of Li plating, battery degradation becomes an(More)
Reliability is an important vehicle performance. It mainly depends on the fatigue life of the key auto parts. As the key component in transmission system of the truck, gearbox's efficiency and reliability are closely linked with the truck's power and safety. In the paper, by using multi-body dynamics and finite element method, the fatigue life of the(More)
Charging performance affects the commercial application of electric vehicles (EVs) significantly. This paper presents an optimal charging strategy for Li-ion batteries based on the voltage-based multistage constant current (VMCC) charging strategy. In order to satisfy the different charging demands of the EV users for charging time, charged capacity and(More)
On the basis of parameters matching for powertrain of an electric bus and its key components experiment verification, powertrain control system was focused designed and studied. The control strategy of driving torque and motor overload protection were developed, the method of battery power management was confirmed, in accordance with vehicle brake system, a(More)
Both the battery/supercapacitor (SC) and SC/battery are two common semi-active configurations of hybrid energy storage systems (HESSs) in hybrid electric vehicles, which can take advantage of the battery’s and supercapacitor’s respective characteristics, including the energy ability, power ability and the long lifetime. To explore in depth the(More)
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