Haitao Chang

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The space robot is concerned the most reasonable method for on-orbit servicing tasks. In space applications, failure of the manipulator is critical for both the space robot and the spacecraft serviced. The failure mode concerned in this paper is locked-joint failure which is one of the most common modes. To identify the locked position of the joint, the(More)
Facing the new challenges of the spacecraft developing, the concept of cellular space robot (CSR) for both space-craft system construction and on-orbit operation is presented in this paper. The system description and design principles are introduced to ensure the flexibility of the system. And dynamics model for takeover control is developed. After that,(More)
One of the essential factors influencing the prediction accuracy of multivariate calibration models is the quality of the calibration data. A local regression strategy, together with a wavelength selection approach, is proposed to build the multivariate calibration models based on partial least squares regression. The local algorithm is applied to create a(More)
This paper presents an approach for identification of mass properties of the docked spacecraft only by the motion of space manipulator. The approach makes use of the conservation of momentum, and the corresponding identification algorithm that does not require torque or acceleration measurement is developed based the recursive least square, and can be(More)
Over the last decade, near-infrared spectroscopy, together with the use of chemometrics models, has been widely employed as an analytical tool in several industries. However, most chemical processes or analytes are multivariate and nonlinear in nature. To solve this problem, local errors regression method is presented in order to build an accurate(More)
As a new form of space system construction and space operation, cellular space robot has the advantages of standardization, reconfiguration and system flexibility. The system flexibility depends on the flexibility of the configuration of the cellular space robot. In order to accomplish different tasks, cellular space robot needs to change its configuration(More)
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