Haishi Zhong

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Cloud computing can provide the dynamic and elastic virtualized resources for the users and is based on distributed computing, parallel computing and grid computing. Task scheduling is an important part of cloud computing. The schedule constraint is based on the QoS constraints, such as task executed time, cost, resource utilization, etc. We proposed one(More)
MapReduce framework is becoming more and more popular in various applications. However, Hadoop is a seriously limited by its MapReduce scheduler which does not work well in the heterogeneous environment. LATE MapReduce scheduling algorithm takes heterogeneous environment into consideration. However, it falls short of solving the poor performance due to the(More)
Clustering analysis is one of the most important issues in trajectory data mining. Trajectory clustering can be widely applied in the detection of hotspots, mobile pattern analysis, urban transportation control, and hurricane prediction, etc. To obtain good clustering performance, the existing trajectory clustering approaches need to input one or more(More)
With the rapid spread of built-in GPS handheld smart devices, the trajectory data from GPS sensors has grown explosively. Trajectory data has spatio-temporal characteristics and rich information. Using trajectory data processing techniques can mine the patterns of human activities and the moving patterns of vehicles in the intelligent transportation(More)
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