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Twelve Chinese indigenous goat populations were genotyped for twenty-six microsatellite markers recommended by the EU Sheep and Goat Biodiversity Project. A total of 452 goats were tested. Seventeen of the 26 microsatellite markers used in this analysis had four or more alleles. The mean expected heterozygosity and the mean observed heterozygosity for the(More)
Violacein (Vio) is an important purple pigment with many potential bioactivities. Deoxyviolacein, a structural analog of Vio, is always synthesized in low concentrations with Vio in wild-type bacteria. Due to deoxyviolacein’s low production and difficulties in isolation and purification, little has been learned regarding its function and potential(More)
Many organizations deploy applications that use databases by sending Structured Query Language (SQL) statements to them and obtaining data that result from the execution of these statements. Since applications often share the same databases concurrently, database deadlocks routinely occur in these databases resulting in major performance degradation in(More)
Faustine is the first interpreter for the digital audio signal processing language Faust and its vector extension. This domain-specific language for sample-based audio is highly expressive and can be efficiently compiled. Faustine has been designed and implemented, in OCaml, to validate the Faust multirate vector extension proposed in the literature,(More)
This paper discusses the application of virtual reality technology in the 3-D visible human body and acupuncture research. Based on the 3-D visible human fused with the localization information and hierarchy of acupoints, the paper analyzes the force against the needle and haptic rendering during the needle manipulation according to the physical properties(More)
OBJECTIVE To discuss the mechanical virtual reality when acupuncture on Jianliao (TE 14) so as to get perform perceptual knowledge of acupuncture for beginners through studying 3D reconstruction of surrounding tissues of this acupoint. METHODS Related tissues were segmented and reconstructed by establishing mathematics model based on the operational(More)
Suhuang antitussive capsule (Suhuang), a traditional Chinese medication, is found effective in treating chronic cough and cough variant asthma (CVA). This study aimed to determine the possible effects and underlying mechanisms of Suhuang on chronic ovalbumin (OVA)-induced airway hyperresponsiveness (AHR), inflammation, and remodeling in mice. Mice were(More)
We automatically synthesize supervisory controllers that force a system to perform a certain operation by a given deadline. The operation must be executed by a pre-specified delay λ with respect to the previous execution of the operation. We model both the controlled system and our control supervisors as time Petri nets. Given a target transition and a(More)
To explore the effects of celecoxib on pressure overload-induced cardiac hypertrophy (CH), cardiac dysfunction and explore the possible protective mechanisms. We surgically created abdominal aortic constrictions (AAC) in rats to induce CH. Rats with CH symptoms at 4 weeks after surgery were treated with celecoxib [2 mg/100 g body-weight(BW)] daily for(More)