Haisheng Wang

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Based on VOXEL-MAN software and our previous work on merging acupoint information with the dataset of the male Visible Human, we have refined the segmentation method for muscles and visualized the anatomical structure of meridians. In interactive segmentation, we obtain additional information on connectivity and texture. We also apply surface fitting to(More)
Many organizations deploy applications that use databases by sending Structured Query Language (SQL) statements to them and obtaining data that result from the execution of these statements. Since applications often share the same databases concurrently, database deadlocks routinely occur in these databases resulting in major performance degradation in(More)
We automatically synthesize supervisory controllers that force a system to perform a certain operation by a given deadline. The operation must be executed by a pre-specified delay lambda with respect to the previous execution of the operation. We model both the controlled system and our control supervisors as time Petri nets. Given a target transition and a(More)
Faustine is the first interpreter for the digital audio signal processing language Faust and its vector extension. This domain-specific language for sample-based audio is highly expressive and can be efficiently compiled. Faustine has been designed and implemented, in OCaml, to validate the Faust multirate vector extension proposed in the literature,(More)
The amphiphilic pyrene-containing random copolymers with light-responsive pyrene ester bonds were synthesized by copolymerizing 1-pyrenemethyl acrylate (PA) and N,N-dimethylacrylamide (DMA). The P(DMA-co-PA) copolymers formed spherical micelles in water, which were transformed into nanorods as a result of cleavage of the pyrene ester bonds under UV(More)
Formycin is a naturally occurring biologically responsive C-nucleoside. In pursuing the design and syntheses of novel C-nucleosides, convenient access to carbocyclic C-nucleosides based on the formycin framework was a goal. One such target was carbocyclic 4'-epiformycin (4). This compound is reported via a procedure based on an asymmetric aldol/ring closure(More)
Two stable classes of thioimidoyl derivatives, S-benzoxazolyl (SBox) and S-thiazolinyl (STaz) glycosides, were investigated as glycosyl donors for solid-phase oligosaccharide synthesis. It was demonstrated that these derivatives are suitable for both glycosyl acceptor-bound and glycosyl donor-bound strategies, commonly employed in resin-supported(More)
Due to the complexity in operations and the big existing number of auto parts and components, it is more than necessary to be successful in the supply chain management (SCM), mainly regarding to logistics cost reduction and integration of all links that constitutes the chain. For this purpose, an applied research in the engine company was carried out, and(More)