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Memory overload is one of the key challenges in managing enterprise application server performance such as in J2EE environment. Realizing this issue, J2EE middleware providers introduced management solutions to prevent memory overload. However, such solutions depend on configurable parameters, such as thread pool size and queue length limit, which are(More)
Without sufficient preparation and on-site management, the mass scale unexpected huge human crowd is a serious threat to public safety. A recent impressive tragedy is the 2014 Shanghai Stampede, where 36 people were killed and 49 were injured in celebration of the New Year's Eve on Decem-ber 31th 2014 in the Shanghai Bund. Due to the innately stochastic and(More)
Choosing a good location when opening a new store is crucial for the future success of a business. Traditional methods include offline manual survey, which is very time consuming, and analytic models based on census data, which are unable to adapt to the dynamic market. The rapid increase of the availability of big data from various types of mobile devices(More)
Schizophrenia is one of the most common global mental diseases, with prevalence of 1%. Patients with schizophrenia are predisposed to diabetes, coronary heart disease, hypertension, and osteoporosis, than the normal. In comparison with the metabolic syndrome, for instance, there are little reports about osteoporosis which occurs secondary to(More)
—Managing workload for large scale web applications is a fundamental task for satisfactory quality of service, low management and operation cost. In this paper, we present SCOPS, a system of distributed workload management to achieve service differentiation and overload protection in such large scale deployment. Our system splits the workload management(More)