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A new algorithm based on information maximization is proposed, against the shortcomings of traditional Speech Blind separation of low convergence rate and high crosstalk error. It uses the new sign function to make mutual information of input and output to maximize by analyzing a variety of non-linear function of the separation performance. Experiments show(More)
—If a transit vehicle breaks down on a schedule trip, there are some vehicles in the system need to serve this trip and the former plan must be changed. For solving the urgency vehicle routing problem with disruption that may be vehicle breakdowns or traffic accidents in the logistics distribution system, through the analysis of the problem and the(More)
A speech enhancement method based on wavelet packet transform and hearing masking effect is proposed. This method has following steps. Firstly, by perceptual wavelet packet the noisy speech is enhanced. Then by Johnston hearing masking model the noise hearing masking threshold is gained. Finally, by a perceptual filter based on hearing masking effect the(More)
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