Haiquan Zhao

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This paper proposes a novel computational efficient adaptive nonlinear equalizer based on combination of finite impulse response (FIR) filter and functional link artificial neural network (CFFLANN) to compensate linear and nonlinear distortions in nonlinear communication channel. This convex nonlinear combination results in improving the speed while(More)
To reduce the computational complexity of the bilinear recurrent neural network (BLRNN), a novel low-complexity nonlinear adaptive filter with a pipelined bilinear recurrent neural network (PBLRNN) is presented in this paper. The PBLRNN, inheriting the modular architectures of the pipelined RNN proposed by Haykin and Li, comprises a number of BLRNN modules(More)
An individual-activation-factor memory proportionate affine projection algorithm (IAF-MPAPA) is proposed for sparse system identification in acoustic echo cancellation (AEC) scenarios. By utilizing an individual activation factor for each adaptive filter coefficient instead of a global activation factor, as in the standard proportionate affine projection(More)