Haiqiong Yao

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Compositional verification is essential for verifying large systems. However, approximate environments are needed when verifying the constituent modules in a system. Effective compositional verification requires finding a simple but accurate over approximate environment for each module. Otherwise, many verification failures may be produced, therefore(More)
This paper presents a modular verification approach for asynchronous circuits to address state explosion with a novel interface refinement method to reduce false counterexamples.This method borrows the idea of parallel composition,and it iteratively refines each component in a design by examining its interface interactions, and removes the behavior not(More)
Divide-and-conquer is essential to address state explosion in model checking. Verifying each individual component in a system in isolation efficiently requires an appropriate context, which traditionally is obtained by hand. This paper presents an efficient modular model checking approach for asynchronous design verification. It is equipped with a novel(More)
This paper presents several state space reductions for verifying non-trivial asynchronous designs with a compositional minimization approach. These reductions result in a reduced model that contains the exact set of observably equivalent behavior. Therefore no false counter-examples are produced at the end of verification. The experimental results show good(More)
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