Haiqing Zheng

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This paper describes the three TREC tasks we participated in this year, which are, Genomics track's categorization task and ad hoc task, and Enterprise track's known item search task. For the categorization task, we adopt a domain-specific terms extraction method and an ontology-based method for feature selection. A SVM classifier and a Rocchio based two(More)
One important aspect of mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs)-mediated immunomodulation is the recruitment and induction of regulatory T (Treg) cells. However, we do not yet know whether MSCs have similar effects on the other subsets of Treg cells. Herein, we studied the effects of MSCs on CD8(+)CD28(-) Treg cells and found that the MSCs could not only increase(More)
TREC'06 genomics track was focusing on text mining and passage retrieval. WIM lab participated in this year's TREC ge-nomics track. Our system consists of five parts: preprocessing, sentence generation, document retrieval, answer extraction and answer fusion. And we developed two different method: a automated profile matching-based method and a text(More)
Gene editing in non-human primates may lead to valuable models for exploring the etiologies and therapeutic strategies of genetically based neurological disorders in humans. However, a monkey model of neurological disorders that closely mimics pathological and behavioral deficits in humans has not yet been successfully generated. Microcephalin 1 (MCPH1) is(More)
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