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For the first time, electron-rich thiophene units were fused into the skeleton of corannulene to extend π-surfaces and tune arrangement in single crystals. Two isomeric butterfly-like thiophene-fused dibenzo[a,g]corannulenes (3 and 5) were synthesized. Isomer 3 showed p-type transport properties, with a hole mobility of 0.06 cm(2) V(-1) s(-1).
The coordinating atoms in polydentate chelates are primarily heteroatoms. We present the first examples of pentadentate chelates with all binding atoms of the chelating agent being carbon atoms, denoted as CCCCC chelates. Having up to five metal-carbon bonds in the equatorial plane has not been previously observed in transition metal chemistry. Density(More)
The concept of aromaticity has long played an important role in chemistry and continues to fascinate both experimentalists and theoreticians. Among the archetypal aromatic compounds, heteroaromatics are particularly attractive. Recently, substitution of a transition-metal fragment for a carbon atom in the anti-aromatic hydrocarbon pentalene has led to the(More)
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