Haiping Sun

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The multiply-add-fused (MAF) operation is very important in many scientific and engineering applications. In this paper, a novel architecture for the MAF operation is presented. According to the fact that some steps of MAF operation are mutually exclusive, the composing steps are organized into two data-paths, and each data-path only contains the(More)
The paper presents a generic, mid-level representation for efficient semantic video analysis, which adopts a frame-by-frame scheme using P-frames rather than shot-based schemes. Each P-frame is partitioned into an m/spl times/n grid (row by column), and each cell is called a 'block'. The representation can bridge the semantic gap and build an intermediate(More)
This paper describes a novel design of leading-zero anticipatory (LZA) logic with unified bit pattern for high-speed floating-point addition (FADD). Leading-zero anticipatory logic is a technique to calculate the number of leading zeros of result in parallel with the addition. However, the anticipation might be in error by one bit. Previous schemes to(More)
OpenMP 3.x introduces task construct as a solution for irregular parallel problems, which breaks the established model of the execution of OpenMP programs. When a thread encounters a task construct, it doesn't execute the task immediately, and instead, it encapsulates the task and stores it until the task is started at some task scheduling point. Thus,(More)
Recently, a fast-developing trend has been to enhance the experience of sporting events beyond the scores, player information and statistics associated with the sport. Systems have been designed to provide additional information, especially spatial data for better comprehension of broadcast events. The paper presents a visualization framework designed for(More)
A logarithmic complexity implementation for the integer comparator is presented. The relation between unsigned integers to be compared and their comparison result is analyzed, and then a logarithmic complexity algorithm is inferred, which takes the advantage of both speed and area. The algorithm is also extended for comparing two signed integers in two's(More)
The performance evaluation of the regional innovation system (RIS) based on the management entropy theory can dynamically describe its overall innovation level and its development trend. This article describes the content of management entropy theory and analyzes its function mechanism of the RIS. On the basis of above, this article establishes its own(More)
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