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In this study, we have used the mRNA differential display technique to investigate the changes in gene expression that occur in the process of cellular aging. A number of cDNAs whose corresponding mRNAs are either increasingly or decreasingly expressed in senescent cells were thereby isolated. Through DNA sequencing, one of these differentially displayed(More)
TFIIH is indispensable for nucleotide excision repair (NER) and RNA polymerase II transcription. Its tenth subunit was recently discovered in yeast as Tfb5. Unlike other TFIIH subunits, Tfb5 is not essential for cell survival. We have analyzed the role of Tfb5 in NER. NER was deficient in the tfb5 deletion mutant cell extracts, and was specifically(More)
Botrytis cinerea causes severe disease in a wide range of plant species and is difficult to be controlled, resulting in significant economic losses. In this study, T1N6_22, a NAD(P)-binding domain-containing protein in Arabidopsis thaliana, was found to be a positive regulator of the basal defense response, and its loss-of-function mutation resulted in(More)
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