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Topological Triply Degenerate Points Induced by Spin-Tensor-Momentum Couplings.
It is shown that the interplay between spin-tensor- and spin-vector-momentum couplings can induce three types of TDPs, classified by different monopole charges (C=±2, ±1, 0).
Dynamical Singularities of Floquet Higher-Order Topological Insulators.
This work establishes a systematic route to construct and characterize Floquet higher-order topological phases by introducing dynamical topological invariants from the full unitary return map and showing its phase bands contain Weyl singularities whose topological charges form dynamical multipole moments in the Brillouin zone.
Knots and Non-Hermitian Bloch Bands.
It is shown that knots tied by the eigenenergy strings provide a complete topological classification of one-dimensional non-Hermitian (NH) Hamiltonians with separable bands with permutation parity of the NH bands.
Exact ordering of energy levels for one-dimensional interacting Fermi gases with S U (N) symmetry
Based on the exact solution of one-dimensional Fermi gas systems with $SU(n)$ symmetry in a hard wall, we demonstrate that we are able to sort the ordering of the lowest energy eigenvalues of states
Spin-1 topological monopoles in the parameter space of ultracold atoms
Magnetic monopole, a hypothetical elementary particle with isolated magnetic pole, is crucial for the quantization of electric charge. In recent years, analogues of magnetic monopoles, represented by
Topological nature of magnetization plateaus in periodically modulated quantum spin chains
We unveil nontrivial topological properties of zero-temperature magnetization plateau states in periodically modulated quantum spin chains under a uniform magnetic field. As positions of plateaus are
Superfluid-Quasicrystal in a Bose-Einstein Condensate.
This work shows that a superfluid-quasicrystal stripe state with the minimal fivefold rotational symmetry can be realized as the ground state of a Bose-Einstein condensate within a practical experimental scheme.
Majorana Doublets, Flat Bands, and Dirac Nodes in s-Wave Superfluids.
This work proposes to realize a topological superfluid by utilizing s-wave pairing and emergent mirror and time-reversal symmetries in two coupled 1D ultracold atomic Fermi gases with spin-orbit coupling and shows that the emergent symmetry make the MKPs and their flat bands stable against pairing fluctuations that otherwise annihilate Majorana pairs.
Topological Invariants for Quantum Quench Dynamics from Unitary Evolution.
The concept of loop unitary constructed from the unitary time-evolution operator is introduced and its homotopy invariant fully characterizes the dynamical topology, proving that the invariant is precisely equal to the change in the Chern number across the quench, regardless of the initial state.
Strongly interacting Bose-Fermi mixtures in one dimension
We study one-dimensional strongly interacting Bose-Fermi mixtures by both the exact Bethe-ansatz method and variational perturbation theory within the degenerate ground state subspace of the system