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Prediction of two-dimensional ferromagnetic ferroelectric VOF2 monolayer.
The theoretical prediction of a two-dimensional material, VOF2 monolayer, to possess intrinsic ferroelectric and ferromagnetic properties provides a good candidate and starting point for the further pursuit of more two- dimensional multiferroic materials with high-performance magnetoelectricity.
Investigation of Cu–Sn–Se material for high-speed phase-change memory applications
Cu–Sn–Se material was prepared by magnetron sputtering to investigate its potential application in phase change memory. The amorphous-to-crystalline transition was studied by in situ film resistance
Improved thermal and optical properties of Al-doped Sn2Se3 phase change material
Al-doped Sn2Se3 phase change material has higher crystallization temperature and lower conductivity than Ge2Sb2Te5 material. A series of optical constants of Al-doped Sn2Se3 materials are measured by
High thermal stability and low power dissipation PCM with nanoscale oxygen-doped SS thin film.
The authors infer that oxygen-doped SS is a promising phase-change thin film for PCM because of its superior thermal stability and better data retention.
Simultaneous ultra-long data retention and low power based on Ge10Sb90/SiO2 multilayer thin films
In this article, Ge10Sb90/SiO2 multilayer thin films were prepared to improve thermal stability and data retention for phase change memory. Compared with Ge10Sb90 monolayer thin film, Ge10Sb90 (1
Peierls transition driven ferroelasticity in the two-dimensional d−f hybrid magnets
For broad nanoscale applications, it is crucial to implement more functional properties, especially those ferroic orders, into two-dimensional materials. Here GdI3 is theoretically identified as a
Phase competition and negative piezoelectricity in interlayer-sliding ferroelectric ZrI2
The so-called interlayer-sliding ferroelectricity was recently proposed as an unconventional route to pursuit electric polarity in van der Waals multi-layers, which was already experimentally
High Reliability and Fast-Speed Phase-Change Memory Based on Sb70Se30/SiO2 Multilayer Thin Films
Sb70Se30/SiO2 multilayer thin films were applied to improve the thermal stability by RF magnetron sputtering on SiO2/Si (100) substrates. The characteristics of Sb70Se30/SiO2 multilayer thin films