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The boiler's processing and assembling shop was taken as the reality physical model in this paper, from which the general job-shop production workshop was abstracted as the simplified model and the scheduling algorithms of job-shop production workshop was lucubrated. Firstly, the model of job-shop production workshop was established; secondly, the(More)
Contour processing is a common machining method. People usually differentiate subring direction after offsetting boundary, if the direction of subring is the same as the parent ring, it is retained, else it is removed, but this algorithm can handle only a finite number of intersection interference problem, there are infinite points of intersection(More)
Using the Job Production as model to study the Workshop Scheduling, the mainly considered objectives are the assembly relationships of workpieces and the most optimal Makespan. First of all, according to the extracted product assembly sub-tree to obtain the weights of all workpieces, utilizing directed graph of job shop to ensure the constraint relations(More)
For equipment is the executive object of production task, to realize the great transformation from “scale production capability” to “innovation ability and rapid response ability”, it has been great demand for enterprises to improve equipment flexible manufacturing capability. by extracting its manufacturing feature, the(More)
At the present time, the choice of processing domains in CAM softwares used by enterprises is the contour boundary's hand sorting or the single machined surface's selection. These ways are low efficiency and error-prone, when they are used in the choice of various domains at one time or the processing domains' boundaries are complex. According to the need(More)
The traditional management model is based on static text mode, on the ground of this deficiency, 3D modeling software and VRML technique are used to construct basic graphics of equipment, establish 3D simulation models, this offers equipment manager with a visualization operation model. And on this foundation, it connects the 3D simulation models with(More)
To make up the deficiency problem of post processing of CAM software in four-axis machining, a post-processing algorithm is studied which based on the four-axis CNC machines with swing-head and tilt platform. Firstly,the algorithm reads the position coordinates and unit normal vectors of every cutter location point on curved surface from the cutter location(More)
In order to reduce the order error rate of LandWind auto parts for customer, we have developed the parts atlas information management system; the system can display parts in part diagram directly. In this paper, describes functional requirements parts atlas information management system, and describes the development platform of system is J2EE, finally,(More)
Remnant management is one kind of peculiar and effective method for raising the material's utilization ratio in boiler manufacture. Utilization of remnant is an effective approach to minimizing remnant inventory, and the main thought of full using is optimal packing scheme. The article brings forward one kind of use technology of remnant which based on(More)