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In this paper, we propose an adaptive synchronization control scheme to achieve both intra-stream and inter-stream synchronization for real-time streaming multimedia applications on the Internet. Based upon synchronization errors calculated in real-time, our scheme piecewisely adjusts the end-to-end delay to compensate for the delay variation. It does so by(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to investigate the prevalence of human papillomavirus (HPV) genotypes infection in women with and with normal cervical histology in the littoral region of Shandong, China. METHODS Scrape specimens were collected from 4,601 women for Pap smear and HPV genotypes identification. 1,489 women without normal cytology or(More)
Artemisinins are the cornerstone of anti-malarial drugs. Emergence and spread of resistance to them raises risk of wiping out recent gains achieved in reducing worldwide malaria burden and threatens future malaria control and elimination on a global level. Genome-wide association studies (GWAS) have revealed parasite genetic loci associated with artemisinin(More)
During the last few years the Internet has grown tremendously and has penetrated all aspects of everyday life. Starting off as a purely academic research network, the Internet is now extensively used for education, for entertainment, and as a very promising and dynamic marketplace, and is envisioned as evolving into a vehicle of true collaboration and a(More)
Oxidative dealkylation is a unique mechanistic pathway found in the alpha-ketoglutarate-Fe(II)-dependent AlkB family of enzymes to remove the alkylation damage to DNA bases and regenerate nucleobases to their native state. The B3LYP density functional combined with a self-consistent reaction field was used to explore the triplet, quintet, and septet(More)
RATIONALE The therapeutic promise of trans-resveratrol (tRes) is limited by poor bioavailability following rapid metabolism. We hypothesise that trans-arachidin-1 (tA1) and trans-arachidin-3 (tA3), peanut hairy root-derived isoprenylated analogs of tRes, will exhibit slower metabolism/enhanced bioavailability and retain biological activity via cannabinoid(More)
In the context of drug discovery and development, much effort has been exerted to determine which conformers of a given molecule are responsible for the observed biological activity. In this work we aimed to predict bioactive conformers using a variant of supervised learning, named multiple-instance learning. A single molecule, treated as a bag of(More)
For antimalarial 8-aminoquinoline (8-AQ) drugs, the ionization potential (energy required to remove an electron) of their putative metabolites has been proposed to be correlated in part to their hemotoxicity potential. NPC1161 is a developmental candidate as an 8-AQ antimalarial drug. In this work, the ionization potentials (IPs) of the S-NPC1161 (NPC1161a)(More)
We used quantum mechanics/molecular mechanics calculations to test if antimalarial primaquine (PQ) and its derivatives aid the conversion of hemoglobin to methemoglobin by binding to hemoglobin and merely lowering hemoglobin's ionization potential (IP). Our results showed that PQ and its derivatives do not significantly lower the hemoglobin IP, disproving(More)
The electron affinities (EA) of the 8-aminoquinoline antimalarial drug primaquine and several of its metabolites were studied using the density functional theory method. We first considered six substituents at the 5-position, -CH(3), -OH, -OCH(3), -Ph, -OPh, and -CHO. We found that in the gas phase the adiabatic EAs are similar to that of the parent(More)