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No association of genetic variants in BDNF with major depression: A meta‐ and gene‐based analysis
The updated meta‐ and novel gene‐based analyses provide no evidence of the association of BDNF with major depression and indicated that BDNF is not associated with MDD. Expand
Archaeal Extrachromosomal Genetic Elements
Genomic studies of archaeal ECEs have revealed a modular sequence structure in which modules of DNA sequence are exchangeable within, as well as among, plasmid families and probably also between viruses and plasmids. Expand
Genetic variants in FTO associated with metabolic syndrome: a meta- and gene-based analysis
It is concluded that the FTO gene may play a critical role in leading to MetS and targeting this gene may provide novel therapeutic strategies for the prevention and treatment of metabolic syndrome. Expand
Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics of Organosulfur Compounds from Garlic
The medicinal activities of garlic organosulfur compounds identified include antitumor, antimicrobial, antifungal, antivirus, anti-atherosclerosis, blood lipids and sugar lowering, antithrombotic,Expand
A novel single-tailed fusiform Sulfolobus virus STSV2 infecting model Sulfolobus species
The single-tailed fusiform virus STSV2 can be stably cultured over long periods in laboratory strains of Sulfolobus and no evidence was found for cell lysis under different stress conditions, therefore, it constitutes an excellent model virus for archaeal virus–host studies. Expand
Glycyrrhizin and glycyrrhetinic acid inhibits alpha-naphthyl isothiocyanate-induced liver injury and bile acid cycle disruption.
Pre-treatment of glycyrrhizin (GL) and glycyrrhetinic acid (GA) prevented ANIT-induced liver damage and reversed the alteration of bile acid metabolites and Cyp7a1, Npc1l1, Mttp, and Acat2 mRNAs encoding bile Acid transport and metabolism proteins. Expand
Metabolic profiling of praziquantel enantiomers.
In silico, in vitro, and in vivo methods revealed the enantioselective metabolic profile of praziquantel, showing that chirality resulted in differences in substrate location and conformation, which likely accounts for the metabolic differences. Expand
Novel Sulfolobus Virus with an Exceptional Capsid Architecture
It is shown that Sulfolobus ellipsoid virus 1 (SEV1), an archaeal virus isolated from a hot spring in Costa Rica, exhibits a novel viral shape and an unusual capsid architecture, which shed significant light on the diversity of viral morphogenesis. Expand
Genome Sequencing of Sulfolobus sp. A20 from Costa Rica and Comparative Analyses of the Putative Pathways of Carbon, Nitrogen, and Sulfur Metabolism in Various Sulfolobus Strains
Comparative genome analyses show that central carbon metabolism in Sulfolobus is highly conserved, and enzymes involved in the Entner-Doudoroff pathway, the tricarboxylic acid cycle and the CO2 fixation pathways are predominantly encoded by the core genes. Expand
Carbon Footprint Analysis for Mechanization of Maize Production Based on Life Cycle Assessment: A Case Study in Jilin Province, China
The theory on the carbon footprint of agriculture can systematically evaluate the carbon emissions caused by artificial factors from the agricultural production process, which is the theoreticalExpand