Haina Jiang

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A new combination rule based on Dezert-Smarandache theory (DSmT) is proposed to deal with the conflict evidence resulting from the non-exhaustivity of the discernment frame. A two-dimensional measure factor in Dempster-Shafer theory (DST) is extended to DSmT to judge the conflict degree between evidence. The original DSmT combination rule or new DSmT(More)
To reduce time cost and improve the performance of edge extraction in CT volume data which is often in large size, we propose a novel method of 3D crack edge extraction using two fusion steps, one is fusion on Finite Line Integral Transform (FLIT) values in spatial directions called SD-FLIT and another is fusion on Local Binary Pattern (LBP) values on(More)
To have higher resolution and precision, the amount of industrial computed tomography data has become larger and larger. Moreover, industrial computed tomography images are approximately piece-wise constant, which fits for encoding contour. Then, we develop an improved compression method based on wavelet contour coding Firstly, we merge Freeman encoding(More)
Based on the realistic property of the pore structure in coal, we established a fractal theory based Fractional diffusion model (FFDModel) by introducing the fractal dimension df to the Fick's classical model and changing the first-order partial differential equation about time into a υ fractional-order partial differential equation. Then, the solution of(More)
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