Haiming M Liu

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This paper describes the <b>polymorphous</b> TRIPS architecture which can be configured for different granularities and types of parallelism. TRIPS contains mechanisms that enable the processing cores and the on-chip memory system to be configured and combined in different modes for instruction, data, or thread-level parallelism. To adapt to small and(More)
Data caches in general-purpose microprocessors often contain mostly dead blocks and are thus used inefficiently. To improve cache efficiency, dead blocks should be identified and evicted early. Prior schemes predict the death of a block immediately after it is accessed; however, these schemes yield lower prediction accuracy and coverage. Instead, we find(More)
Growing on-chip wire delays will cause many future microarchitectures to be distributed, in which hardware resources within a single processor become nodes on one or more switched micronetworks. Since large processor cores will require multiple clock cycles to traverse, control must be distributed, not centralized. This paper describes the control protocols(More)
This paper describes the <i>polymorphous</i> TRIPS architecture that can be configured for different granularities and types of parallelism. The TRIPS architecture is the first in a class of post-RISC, dataflow-like instruction sets called explicit data-graph execution (EDGE). This EDGE ISA is coupled with hardware mechanisms that enable the processing(More)
Direct extraction of soil DNA has become essential for the study of soil microorganisms. Humic substances co-extracted during DNA retrieval is a big problem because it greatly inhibits the enzymes involved in manipulating DNA. Popular commercial kits available for soil DNA extraction are unable to overcome this problem. Here we report an effective protocol(More)
A new Pseudomonas strain, designated GP72, was isolated from green pepper rhizosphere and identified as a member of species Pseudomonas chlororaphis based on morphology; conventional biochemical and physiologic tests; Biolog GN system (Biolog Inc., Hayward, CA); and 16S rDNA sequence analysis. The secondary metabolites produced by this strain have shown(More)
The genetic diversity among indigenous phenazine-1-carboxylic acid (PCA)-producing and pyoluteorin (Plt)-producing isolates of pseudomonads screened from green pepper rhizosphere was exploited in this study. A total of 48 bacterium isolates producing one or both of these antibiotics were screened from green pepper rhizosphere in diverse regions in China.(More)
It has been found that microRNAs (miRNAs) can function as a regulatory factor across species. For example, food-derived plant miRNAs may pass through the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, enter into the plasma and serum of mammals, and interact with endogenous RNAs to regulate their expression. Although this new type of regulatory mechanism is not well(More)
A major overhead in software DSM (Distributed Shared Memory) is the cost of remote memory accesses necessitated by the protocol as well as induced by false sharing. This paper introduces a dynamic prefetching method implemented in the JIAJIA software DSM to reduce system overhead caused by remote accesses. The prefetching method records the interleaving(More)