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i ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The authors would like to thank the Energy Foundation and the National Commission on Energy Policy for their generous support, without which this project would not have happened. In particular we would like to thank Charlotte Pera and Ben Paulos at the Energy Foundation and Drew Kodjak at the National Commission on Energy Policy for their(More)
Recent years have witnessed the emergence of mobile crowd sensing (MCS) systems, which leverage the public crowd equipped with various mobile devices for large scale sensing tasks. In this paper, we study a critical problem in MCS systems, namely, incentivizing user participation. Different from existing work, we incorporate a crucial metric, called users'(More)
—Market based spectrum trading has been extensively studied to realize efficient spectrum utilization in cognitive radio networks (CRNs). In this paper, we utilize the concept of insurance in spectrum trading so as to improve spectrum efficiency in CRNs. We show that by additionally purchasing a specifically designed insurance contract from a PU, an SU can(More)
Recent years have witnessed the proliferation of mobile crowd sensing (MCS) systems that leverage the public crowd equipped with various mobile devices (e.g., smartphones, smartglasses, smartwatches) for large scale sensing tasks. Because of the importance of incentivizing worker participation in such MCS systems, several auction-based incentive mechanisms(More)
The recent proliferation of human-carried mobile devices has given rise to mobile crowd sensing (MCS) systems that outsource the collection of sensory data to the public crowd equipped with various mobile devices. A fundamental issue in such systems is to effectively <i>incentivize worker participation</i>. However, instead of being an isolated module, the(More)
BACKGROUND Since 2005, as one of prohibited substances on the Prohibited List of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), the occurence of mechano growth factor (MGF) abuse in sport has likely increased. However, there is still no WADA-validated and -approved method for its detection. RESULTS Four polyclonal antibodies (Ab-K01, Ab-B01, Ab-B02 and Ab-K02)(More)
With the deepening of research on knowledge engineering and product design, it is possible and necessary that design knowledge base is applied to the product design and development. This product design model based on design knowledge base can not only greatly shorten the product design and development cycle and improve the customer satisfaction but also(More)
—In this paper, we deal with possible data transmission congestion on the sink node in wireless sensor networks (WSNs). We consider a scenario in which all the sensor nodes have a certain amount of storage space and acquire data from the surroundings at heterogeneous speed. Because receiving bandwidth of the sink node is limited, a proper bandwidth(More)
—The paper describes a novel algorithm for timely sensor data retrieval in resource-poor environments under freshness constraints. Consider a civil unrest, national security, or disaster management scenario, where a dynamic situation evolves and a decision-maker must decide on a course of action in view of latest data. Since the situation changes, so is the(More)
—To facilitate more efficient control, massive amounts of sensors or measurement devices will be deployed in the Smart Grid. Data collection then becomes non-trivial. In this paper, we study the scenario where a data collector is responsible for collecting data from multiple measurement devices, but only some of them can communicate with the data collector(More)