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Aggregation and generalization have been discussed in numerous books, papers, and standards. The best described semantics in an abstract, implementation-independent, manner while many others ignored essential semantics for various reasons including such informally expressed ones as “everyone knows what a composition is”, “[the developers] will figure it(More)
The paper shows how a system of important concepts and approaches proposed by system thinkers (such as philosophers, mathematicians, and computing scientists) has been used to understand and specify various kinds of business and IT systems, and to base the IT work on a solid foundation that can be used for communicating with non-IT experts, thus(More)
When we understand, specify, and develop systems, we use certain concepts and constructs to deal with complexity. Object-oriented (00) approaches provide good ways for doing so. However, many existing 00 approaches (perhaps based on object models used in existing 00 languages) cannot solve important problems encountered in large and complex systems. For(More)
Is there an alternative? Of course. Let's ~y to reuse an approach from programming methodology: it shows how to deal with artifacts of e;normous complexity. The most important lesson from programming that we (hopefully) had learned is to separate our concerns. We have to clearly distinguish between different frames of reference: in particular, we do(More)
The Seventh OOPSLA workshop on behavioral semantics took place on Monday, October 19th, 1998. With 17 accepted papers of high quality, written by 41 authors, quite a few new and consolidated ideas were presented and discussed. As in previous years some prominent guests visited and actively participated in the workshop. Continuing the tradition of the six(More)
Business specifications are used to understand and describe businesses independently of any computing systems used for their possible automation. This understanding has to be expressed in a simple, clear, precise, and explicit way, in order to provide the essential common ground for business domain experts and software developers. In order for(More)