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Breast augmentation and reconstruction mammaplasty have been in practice for decades and are highly prevalent surgeries performed worldwide. While overall patient satisfaction is high, common long-term effects include breast tissue atrophy, accelerated ptosis and inframammary fold breakdown. Increasing evidence attributes these events to the durative(More)
Atomic force microscopy (AFM) measurements were employed to assess polymer-surface interfacial interaction strength. The main feature of the measurement is the use of contact-mode AFM as a tool to scratch off the polymer monolayer adsorbed on the solid surface. Tapping-mode AFM was used to determine the depth of the scraped recess. Independent determination(More)
Several types of common polymers were deposited on glass slides sililated with organofunctional silanes. The extent of surface coverage, adsorbed layer thickness and topology were experimentally determined. The strength of polymer interaction with the silane treated glass was investigated using contact-mode AFM. The interaction strength to the surface was(More)
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